EXCIMER Technology
Premium UV Coating for resilient and vinyl flooring

Thanks to 15 years of experience, BLANCHON & CIRANOVA are positioned as the world leaders in Excimer coating for vinyl (international patent N°12325444) and hard wood floor.

We provide to our industrial customers with customized solutions adapted to the configuration of their UV coating line.

Technological breakthrough

Many technical advantages :

  • Ultra matte appearance achievable (less than 5% at 85°)
  • Very high chemical resistance even with very aggressive substances (Betadine, Eosin, marker...)
  • Excellent level of resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Gloss stability during production
  • VOC barrier effect - strongly limits VOC emission values at 28 days (< 10 µg/m³)

The Excimer lamp diffuses a single wavelength of 172 nm of very high energy which polymerizes a very thin layer on the surface of the varnish. This difference in state between the polymerized surface and the depth of the still wet film causes a stress that develops folds on the surface.
It is these micro wrinkles that provide the deep matte properties by effectively diffracting the light. The film is then cross-linked in its totality with a UV lamp in order to give it the final mechanical and chemical performance. The principle is very different and more efficient than a traditional UV varnish with a surface relief brought by silica grains contained in the wet film.

The key factor in performance
Cutting-edge technology adapted to each process
LVT low embossing
LVT medium embossing
LVT deep embossing
Excimer tunnels - Blanchon Group Labs
Finishing properties
  • Variable formulation : Flexible for heterogenous to rigid for LVT SPC
  • Low VOC emission with shield effect

Finishing properties
  • No matting agent
  • Soft and Rubber touch
  • Antibacterial
  • Electro- conductive
A technological innovation from Blanchon Industry

Ultra-matte lacquer without the use of mattifying agents.

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