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Thanks to our full range of colors, Reactive Stains, waterborne finishes, oils and UV products; Ciranova TECH is the lead supplier of wood reservatives for the woodworking industry

A full range of products for industrial filling of solid wood, engineered parquet, veneer, plywood,…The products are easy to use, are environment-friendly and fast drying. An entire collection of colors are available.
Stains and Colors
A wide range of reactive stains, pigmented stains and dyes for industrial application. Make your own combinations and create your collection.
Liming effects
Create your aged chalky effect on wood by using the range of lime products.
Color fixing primers
Water based impregnation primers for parquet and wooden furniture. The wood retains it's original and untreated look. Catch your unprotected vintage effects on wood or keep the original raw wood effect.
Natural Oils
A full range of oxidative drying oils designed for industrial application. Discover the natural feel and look and protect your wood in the best way possible.
UV Oils
Gives a perfect look as a traditional oiled wooden floor. All gloss levels and colors are possible. Ensure the best quality in the most extreme conditions.
UV Varnish
With multiple coats you achieve the best performance and get the properties you want to achieve. All glosses are possible. Discover the new excimer technology.
Laser Eximer IST
Premium UV coating with oil look. Strong anti-scratch properties, deep matt and available in different touches: soft, rubber or silk.
Use the right cleaners and keep your industrial finishing line in a good condition.
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