Blanchon Group Industry R&D Laboratory

Our chemical engineers, experts in the development of finishes for industrial applications, work hand in hand with our customers in our laboratories located in France and Belgium. Thanks to industrial tests, our technical sales representatives guide and train line operators in the proper use of our products on equipment, with the aim of constantly seeking to improve quality and optimize production costs.

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Tailor-made solutions
Our laboratory is a team of specialized chemical engineers

They are in close contact with the industrial customers, which allows a more global and quicker consideration of the specifications as well as the production requirements. These experts are the most efficient interlocutors to define the technical environment in which the solution will be developed and applied.

Top of line technology
High-performance finishes tailored to the needs of industry
Ciranova Tech has the latest testing, analysis and measurement technologies to evaluate the level of new raw materials and finished products. Mechanical and chemical performance tests and VOC emission measurements of finishes applied to their substrates are carried out daily as part of the approvals required to market Blanchon Tech finishes.
Our finishes in action
Martindale test

In order to offer high-performance technologies that are fully tailored to the customer's specifications, our teams put all their innovations and formulations through standardized laboratory tests. Demanding processes, guarantees of performance, the Blanchon Industry signature.

Taber Reciprocating Abraser test - Wood floor-1
Taber Reciprocating Abraser test
Taber Rotary Abraser test - CS10 wheels-1
Taber Rotary Abraser test - CS10 wheels
Cross-cut test-wood-1
Cross-cut test
Taber Rotary Abraser test - S42 sandpaper strips-1
Taber Rotary Abraser test - S42 sandpaper strips
Our laboratories
Located in Saint-Priest (France) and Roeselare (Belgium), our engineers design tailor-made solutions to meet our customers' specifications. We develop solutions adapted to the setup of their UV coating line.

Our equipment features the performance of the developed solutions. The evaluation of the finished products is always carried out with samples applied on the machines of the industrial laboratory corresponding to those of the industrial lines.

Our measuring equipment
Curing- drying
Memert oven big
Trivec UV curing
IOT Exirad 172 EXIMER
Analitic measurement
Antoon Paar
Kern DBS 60-3
Qlab Q sun Xenon
Antoon Paar
Giardina 2 Head rolle
IOT Exirad 172 Excimer
Kem DBS 60-3
Labomat RK
Memert oven big
Qlab Q sun Xenon
Taber industrie 5135
Trivec 2 head Brushing
Trivec 2 head Coater
Trivec UV curing
VG brush EBM
Studies – Formulations
The purpose of these studies is to develop the most efficient varnishes and to select raw materials according to their environmental performance.
Process definition
Blanchon Industry assists the industrial client in the definition of their technical environment. The choice of equipment is a key factor in the performance of the coating cycle.
Trial application
We have the necessary industrial finishing machines to reproduce the customer's process in real conditions. Thanks to this step, we limit the immobilization of an industrial finishing line for validation tests.
Performance analysis
The technical characteristics of the lacquers are tested and measured on their final support according to the specifications: abrasion, VOC emission, scratching, slipperiness, shocks, curling, chemical resistance, scuffing, flexibility...
Consumers and designers are looking away from uniformly stained, high-build, floor finishes and are looking for floors that have lasted several lifetimes as we know them in the famous castles.Techniques, such as ammonia fuming, torching and chemical staining are well known and traditionally used to achieve these looks but due to complex and hard to control manufacturing processes, the use of these systems is restricted to the experienced craftsman. Ciranova has recognized this need and has invested heavily in the possibility of industrial applications.
Premium finish for wood floors
Thanks to 15 years of experience, BLANCHON & CIRANOVA are positioned as the world leaders in Excimer coating for vinyl (international patent N°12325444) and hard wood floor.We provide to our industrial customers with customized solutions adapted to the configuration of their UV coating line.